6 Herbs for Your Nervous System Health

6 Herbs for Your Nervous System Health

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Plant medicine is so useful - and especially useful for nervous system health. Many plants have medicinal values that can help us get through our days. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin any herbal regimen. Some herbs can contraindicate with prescribed medications you take. Every body is different, though, so we never make blanket herbal recommendations, so here are six herbs that can support your immune system, whether it be to help you with anxiety, stress, migraines, etc. 

We included these herbs in this article because they help you manage rapid heart beat, insomnia, fast pulse, irritation, tension, stress, and lack of focus - all symptoms of poor nervous system health. 

It is so important that we chart these changes in our moods and behaviors because sometimes your mood or outward reaction is indicative of change in your nervous system health that you cannot see. 

#1 Motherwort

Motherwort is a member of the Labiatae plant family, along with other mints like peppermint and lavender. We use the leaves, flowers, and stems to make herbal medicine. Motherwort is a heart tonic that helps manage heart palpitations.

Image: Motherwort drawing

#2 Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a mint, too. It is also called Balm, Cure-all, and Been Balm. We use the leaves to make herbal medicine. Lemon Balm is a cooling, sour mint that helps you manage insomnia and rapid pulse.

Image: Drawing of Lemon Balm

#3 Valerian

Valerian is a strong and unpleasant smelling (and tasting) plant that helps you manage irritation and tension. It is best known as a treatment for insomnia. We use the roots to make herbal medicine. 

#4 Chamomile

Yes, another member of the mint family (catching the theme?). Chamomile is a sweet cooling flower that relieves stress. Chamomile might be the most popular and most common option on this list. 

#5 Oatstraw

Oatstraw is a sweet and moist herb that helps you focus. We use all arts of this plant to make herbal medicine. You might even eat it - it's the plant that gives us oatmeal. 

Image: Drawing of Oatstraw

#6 Lavender

Lavender is the first herb of aromatherapy. A popular mint, we use the flowers to make herbal medicine. This cooling and aromatic herb helps you manage irritability and feelings of anxiety. 

Image: Drawing of Lavender

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