Recipe: "Go Home Mojito" with Chamomile Tea and Peppermint Honey

Recipe: "Go Home Mojito" with Chamomile Tea and Peppermint Honey

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Can you make mojitos with tea? Absolutely. Thanks to El Boozy Vegan.

No, really. That's what everyone calls him. He's an amazing bartender based in Brooklyn, New York. We shipped him one of everything we have and told him to do whatever he wanted. And his creative juices got to flowing! 

First things first, what's a mojito?

A traditional Cuban drink that's usually made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint. It's one of my absolute favorite adult beverages because of the herbaceous flavors. Plus it's kinda sweet and citrusy. It is the perfect summer drink, though I've been known to drink them year round...and pout when if I visit a restaurant that can't make one. Like - why are you even open?

Anyway, El Boozy Vegan made Go Home Mojito, his take on the mojito with our Sister Sister tea and So Icy. Sister Sister is a chamomile-mint tea with rose, lavender and cinnamon. It's one of our most popular teas! And So Icy is our newest honey release, a peppermint flavored honey that's perfection. 

El Boozy Vegan plays up the mint in your typical mojito with a special Icy Sister honey that he blended using equal parts So Icy honey and Sister Sister tea. See? I told you this guy is amazing!

Looking to make the recipe? Follow El Boozy Vegan on Instagram for his discount code to save 15% on your purchase at 

Tutorial: Go Home Mojito with Peppermint Honey and Chamomile Tea, El Boozy Vegan, takes us on a journey through Cuba with Sister Sister, our chamomile-mint rose tea, and So Icy, our peppermint flavored honey.2021-06-28

Go Home Mojito

Yield: 1
Author: El Boozy Vegan
The classic mojito gets a twist with our peppermint flavored honey, So Icy, and our chamomile-mint tea, Sister Sister



  1. In a highball glass add "Icy Sister" syrup, lime juice, and aged rum. Top with crushed ice, stir lightly and top with club soda. 
  2. Garnish with sugar cane stick dipped in So Icy honey. Coat the dipped honey with Sister Sister tea leaves. Garnish with a ming sprig and dehydrated lime wheel. 
How to make Icy Sister Syrup
  1. Blend equal parts So Icy honey and Sister Sister tea. 

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