Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

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Our first Holiday Gift Guide is here because tis the season to shop small! What did you think I would say??

As a small business founder, I am adamant about supporting other small businesses and she is 100% the go to for small businesses. Shopping small is a way to make a big difference in your community. On average, small businesses give back more to the community making a bigger impact than their larger counterparts, offer more diverse products, and money is circulated more often between two small businesses. We know this first hand because at Ivy's Tea Co. 75% of our suppliers are other small businesses. Your purchases mean a lot more to small businesses than you can probably imagine.

Looking for ways to make your purchase mean a lot more? Shop small with me.

Check out this holiday gift guide for a few of the products I am looking forward to purchasing this holiday season. 

For the writer

Harper and Charlotte Green and Gold Coptic Journal - Harper and Charlotte journals are hand made entirely by the founder, Carla. I have a few in the warehouse and I absolutely LOVE them.

For the one who needs self-care

Skinsational Scents Clarifying Mango Butter - I accidentally found Skinsational Scents at a local mall and since I needed body butter, oil, and scrub, I stocked up. I used the turmeric scrub and the clarifying mango butter. Both are amazing. My skin felt super moisturized and in these cold Maryland temps, that's JUST what I need. Plus, I love that the butter wasn't sticky or super oily like typical shea butter mixes. Skinsational has a new customer in me. I highly recommend the clarifying mango butter.

'Snowflake' Lumiere Amour Candle Co. candle - I might be biased but I am a big fan of Lumiere Amour candles because I adore the founder. She cares a lot about her products. The candles have a strong fragrance, they're made of soy and it feels so good to know that these candles won't give me cancer. Plus they look beautiful in every room. 

PTO Nail Polish from Taupe Coat - Yeah, it's winter, but that doesn't mean that my nails have to be drab. I'm still enjoying summer vibes on my fingertips thanks to Taupe Coat. I've added this neon lime green polish called P.T.O. to my Christmas List. Also, don't forget the vegan, non-toxic nail polish remover from Taupe Coat. 

For the foodie

Blood Orange herbal tea from Ivy's Tea Co. - Our orange spice tea is perfect for this season. The season of pumpkin spice will soon be over (thank God) and you'll want something warm and citrusy. Our orange spice tea, Blood Orange fits the bill. Our favorite way to enjoy Blood Orange is brewed with apple cider. Yup. Not hot water - hot apple cider. Perfect for nights in and children love it.

Chai Time Granola from Flatbush Granola - I was introduced to Flatbush Granola earlier this year and I've been hooked ever since. I've tried so many of their flavors but the Chai Time is my favorite. Because it's a chai flavored granola, there are some spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg) and it is warming. I LOVE IT. It is so good on granola with Views, our lavender honey (not so shameless plug). Now technically this is not a holiday gift, but it's not every day that you splurge on granola, so add it to the stocking of someone with a superior palette. 

Red Velvet Blondies from Blondery - These delicious mini brownies from Blondery are divine. You have to shop fast because they sell out quickly. 

Views, lavender honey from Ivy's Tea Co. - Our lavender honey, Views, is versatile and herbaceous. Just as you might expect. It's perfect in teas of course, but it's also great for cheese, fruits, veggies, sorbets, smoothies, and charcuterie boards. 

For the advocate

black woman Sweatshirt from Buy from a Black Woman - This is one of my most comfortable sweatshirts and I love wearing it because it is affirming and supports Buy from a Black Woman, the non profit that invests in Black Woman founders. Give your purchase some extra meaning. 

For the person on luxury TikTok 

Gray Smoke Estelle Colored Rocks Glasses - I have these glasses and the matching decanter. Though I'm sober, I use it to hold my non-alcoholic spirits and mixers from Perfectly Cordial, Ghia, and Ritual Zero Proof. But these glasses also hold iced Not Coffee very nicely. Proof that Estelle Colored Glasses are versatile, though they're so nice that you might only want to bring them out on special occasions. 

Flex Bag from Flex-N-Fly in the color Palimino - This bag has made it onto my Christmas List because it's absolutely beautiful and looks incredibly fashionable. The bag is handmade and the fact that it's real leather justifies the price. I can hardly wait to get mine. It comes in a variety of colors, but palimino just keeps calling me.

TRAP CHINA™ from Ivy's Tea Co. - Our TRAP CHINA™ collection releases on November 30 at 8 am ET. It sells out every year because it's just so fun and luxurious. It gives you the opportunity to make teatime extra special but the lingo inside the cup is just enough to remind you that you are redefining tea time and that once upon a time, someone didn't want you drinking bomb a$$ but there you are. Sipping tea and looking damn good.   

Is there a small business that I should know about? Please send me a DM on Instagram with that company's information. I'd love to get to know more small business owners this year and I'd appreciate the opportunity to increase my rotary of small businesses. 

Happy Shopping!

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