Information You Can Trust

Information You Can Trust

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All too often misinformation spreads like wildfire, especially on the internet. 

And, unfortunately, the community that we serve the most is at the highest risk of being receptive to this information and hurt by this misinformation. 

Many of our supporters are told about the benefits of yoni eggs, herbal supplements that can reverse tubal ligation, and more. A lot of it is just false stuff being shared by ignorant, money hungry people. 

Herbs can do a lot for people. I believe in this 100%. 

But in order for herbs to have the most benefit, we each must do our part to give the herbs the best body to perform in. That means that herbs are not a cure-all and they shouldn't be treated like cure-alls. They are certainly not tested like cure-alls. Check out this video for a more straight-forward commentary from me about my thoughts on the way people sell herbs, herbal treatments, and more. 

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