Plant Medicine for Self-Love: Herbs to Comfort and Guide You

Plant Medicine for Self-Love: Herbs to Comfort and Guide You

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There is a lot of talk about self-love and self-care these days, most of it requires you to spend money at the salon or at the spa. But there is a completely different way to take good care of yourself and it does not require you to spend a lot of money or surround yourself with strangers in the middle of a global pandemic! Say hello to plant medicine. 

I've been feeling a lot of pressure this last quarter and things have certainly been difficult, especially as holiday season approaches. I feel pressure to spend money and go places I really don't want to go. C'mon - I know you can relate.  

I've explored several herbs for self-care and here are a few of my favorite ones and how they work:

  1. Damiana helps to open you up. 
  2. Eucalyptus is a soothing herb that helps relieve tension.
  3. Gotu Kola helps you mentally alert. 
  4. Hawthorn brings comfort to the grieving heart.
  5. Holy Basil brings a sense of calm to you.
  6. Lavender brings feelings of comfort, especially when you're feeling anxious. 
  7. Lemon Balm can help ease feelings of sadness.

Just a quick reminder that it is perfectly OK to feel these unpleasant emotions. But remember to feel them and give yourself space to feel more pleasant emotions, too. 

I've been drinking lots of Sister Sister to get me through the days and it has been more than soothing to my anxious heart and spirit. 

Sending you lots of love and kindness during this season. With so many Americans losing loved ones last year (and this year, too) due to COVID-19 and many of us still self-isolating to stay healthy, this season can be a lonely one. Add in seasonal depression and inflation and whew chile! It's a sh*t-storm for real. But you're not alone, I'm here and so are many other members of our tea loving community. 

Stay safe, wear your mask and drink tea like an adult.® 

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