Recipe: Grinding All My Life featuring Lemon Ginger Tea and Aquafaba

Recipe: Grinding All My Life featuring Lemon Ginger Tea and Aquafaba

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When I made our lemon-ginger tea, Nip's Tea™, a few years ago, I felt so motivated. Nipsey Hussle (RIP) is a great example of the power of self-belief  and hard work. Too often the stories we see of successful entrepreneurs are completely false. So many of the self-made entrepreneurs on the cover of Fortune and Entrepreneur aren't self-made at all - starting with an incredible lead, their faces are plastered all over magazines designed to "inspire" me. But not Nipsey Hussle. He was the real deal, put in the work, believed in himself, stayed down and was so deserving of his come up. I took that appreciation of his work ethic and put it all into Nip's Tea™. 

El Boozy Vegan, our favorite bartender, used our lemon-ginger tea, Nip's Tea™, and our pepper infused honey, Cut It, for this special cocktail that features gin and aquafaba. 

Quick note: you're probably wondering what aquafaba is...I know I was haha. Aquafaba is the liquid in your can of garbanzo beans, or chickpeas. El Boozy Vegan refers to it as "chickpea brine" in his recipe. So, use your aquafaba wisely and drink tea like an adult®. 

Recipe: Grinding All My Life

Grinding All My Life

Yield: 1
Author: El Boozy Vegan
Gin cocktail with lemon-ginger tea, spicy honey, and aquafaba.



  1. Add lemon juice, Nip's Cut It honey, aquafaba, and gin to a shaker with ice. Double strain in Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with toasted sesame oil drops. 
How to make Nip's Cut It Syrup
  1. Blend equal parts Nip's Tea™ and Cut It™ honey.

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This one is for Nipsey Hussle. A man who invested in his community and from all the way in Cali taught our founder many principles of business. Philanthropy Fridays and Ivy Cares are ventures birthed from the example set by… Read More

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