Recipe: Chicory Root Tea Martini with Vanilla Honey

Recipe: Chicory Root Tea Martini with Vanilla Honey

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We've got a few coffee substitutes on our website that smell like coffee, look like coffee, and taste like coffee, but it's not. We have two chicory root blends: one that's strictly chicory root called Not Coffee Vol. 3. But the other is a blend of chicory and licorice roots, allspice, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon called Not Coffee Vol. 2. Chicory root is full of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that your gut loves. Good gut health leads to good brain health. But that's not what this recipe is all about.

Our favorite bartender, El Boozy Vegan, whipped up this "Not Coffee" martini using cashew milk and our vanilla flavored honey, Crime. Oh yeah...we are coming in HOT. 

Recipe: Not an Expresso Martini with Chicory Root Coffee and Vanilla Flavored Honey Coffee is turned into a martini with cashew milk and vanilla flavored honey2021-07-06

Not Espresso Martini Vol. 2

Author: El Boozy Vegan
Our all herbal tea coffee substitute, Not Coffee, meets cashew milk and mezcal for a grown up beverage.



  1. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake. Double strain into a Coup Glass and garnish with chocolate shavings. 
How to make Crime Syrup
  1. Blend equal parts Crime, vanilla flavored honey, and water. 

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NEW AND IMPROVED Corny...We know. But this is serious - our Crime honey has been improved. Our vanilla beans and small batch vanilla flavor make the honey taste even better with a more pronounced vanilla taste that sits on your… Read More

Not Coffee™

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Hey Coffee Lover! Our popular herbal coffee substitute is back and it's better. Gone is that old dandelion root recipe, we're back with a blend of chicory root, cinnamon, carob and vanilla that's full bodied and chocolatey. Let us help… Read More

*You can also make Not Espresso Martini with Not Coffee Vol. 3, our strictly chicory root tea herbal substitute, or even the original Not Coffee with just dandelion root. 

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