Recipe: Shmoney Old Fashioned with Orange Honey and Tea

Recipe: Shmoney Old Fashioned with Orange Honey and Tea

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Our orange spice tea, Blood Orange ™, is a blend of blackberry leaf, hibiscus, clove, crampbark and black cohosh, designed to help everybody who's got a period. I mean, we could complain about the pain associated with menstrual cramps, but thankfully we're alive to feel the pain. Right? Anyway, in an effort to limit those cramps, acne, back pain, foot pain, and other symptoms of the menstrual cycle, you might exercise a bit more, use a hot water bottle, and avoid alcohol. Hell, why do anything to trigger the cramps or make them worse?

The good news is that there are days throughout the month where we're not in pain or bleeding* and it's during those times when it's actually OK to have a lil alcohol. Enter Shmoney Old Fashioned from El Boozy Vegan; this take on the traditional Old Fashioned with our Shmoney, orange flavored honey, and Blood Orange, our orange spice tea. Follow along with the recipe with the video available on our YouTube channel here.

Recipe: Shmoney Old Fashioned with Orange Flavored Honey and Orange Spice Tea Old Fashioned with orange flavored honey and orange spice ice cubes2021-07-02

Shmoney Old Fashioned

Yield: 1
Author: El Boozy Vegan
The Old Fashioned gets a twist with our orange flavored honey, Shmoney.



  1. Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Pour all ingredients into a Rocks Glass with a large Blood Orange tea ice cube. Garnish with blood orange peel. 
How to make Shmoney Honey Syrup
  1. Blend equal parts Shmoney honey and water. 

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Blood Orange™

Blood Orange™

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Our newest blend, Blood Orange, is for anybody with a uterus who experiences menstrual cramps. You may feel menstrual cramps but your body is just making waves while it sorts things out. Don't blame the muscles, blame your nerves and… Read More



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Our Shmoney is an infused honey that has a delicious orange-spice flavor. This honey is warming and the orange flavors really excite the tastebuds.  Taste:  Sweet and citrusy. Ingredients: Orange Blossom Honey Orange Extract Pairs Well With: Blow Veggies  Do not give honey… Read More

*If your menstrual cramps are unbearable or your period lasts more days than what is normal, please contact your doctor. Your menstrual cramps should not be the worst thing to happen to you every month. That's a lot of pain that you should not have to endure. 

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