How To: Make Cotton Candy Lattes

Every now and then, you should let your hair down and do something absolutely ridiculous, like combine herbs with milk. We found a recipe for Earl Grey milk from Jee at Oh How Civilized and I just had to recreate it but add a little color. So, I made these cotton candy lattes. The blue one is made with our Blow tea and the pink one is made with plain Hibiscus flowers. It's easy to make and fun, especially for the kids. I think they'd be dope at the kick back - just use horchata or rumchata or maybe even Irish cream, then top with a little cotton candy. We'll give it a try and report back ;) Til then, you know what to do. Tag us on social media (FB/IG/Twitter: @IvysTeaCo and Pinterest: @IvysTea) if you make it.
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Cotton Candy Lattes

Make these fun bright lattes with Ivy's Tea Co. tea and a few herbs.


  • 3 tbsp Ivy's Tea Co. Blow tea
  • 8 oz milk*
  • Cotton Candy


How to cook Cotton Candy Lattes

  1. Add Blow tea to 8 oz of milk.
  2. Allow to infuse overnight, so that milk takes on the flavor and color of the tea.
  3. Once infused, strain tea from the milk.
  4. Transfer milk infusion to another cup and pour over ice.
  5. Top with cotton candy. Move fast because cotton candy melts. 
  6. Once you've taken your flicks, push the cotton candy down into the glass, stir and drink. 


Any milk will work, dairy or non-dairy. I advise against using almond milk because it may affect the color of the drink. Go for rice milk, coconut milk or, even soy, for a true blue color.

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