Deeper than Plants: Practicing Ecological Herbalism

In practicing ecological herbalism, I honor plants by understanding their healing power of plants through a relationship with them. I often experiment with plants and come to know them through trial-and-error. This trial-and-error built a relationship with the herbs that helps me to expand my self-care regimen. Herbs bring health and vitality into my daily life. Experimenting with herbs only compounds that vitality.  


One of the ways that I work to achieve radiant health and vitality is by exercising and eating organic food - I know my farmer. I encourage you all to take the necessary steps to grow. You, too, can add good food, exercise, and even sufficient sleep to get your body to run at optimal levels. 

Exercising is crucial to good health - keep the cells full of oxygen, increase the heartbeat and the breathing. Get yourself a life exercise, hiking, skiing, etc. - all of these are ecological herbalism and lead to optimum self-care. 

How do you practice ecological herbalism?

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