Deeper than Plants: Tissue Staes and Why They Matter Part 4

Soon, Ivy's Tea Co. will be open for consultations and custom blends. What does this mean to you? It means when you want help from someone on staff at Ivy's Tea Co., we'll have to get all up in your business. Like Monica said, "Don't take it personal."

As we get closer, we'll be asking questions about your body. Those questions are to help us find out more about you from the inside out. A key to deciding just what the heck is going on with you is by way of deciding your tissue state. Don't know what that is? Keep on reading, shawdy.

There are six different tissue states:

  1. Excitation (Hot)
  2. Depression (Cold)
  3. Atrophy (Dry) 
  4. Stagnation (Damp)
  5. Constriction
  6. Relaxation

In this blog, we'll be talking about #4: The Stagnation/Damp Tissue State.

In this tissue state, you'll find that fluids cannot leave the body through our normal channels. That means that something is stuck - fluids usually, and they manifest as catarrh, phlegm or mucus. What causes this horrible back up of metabolic waste?

  1. Blockage in the skin, kidneys, lungs or colon
  2. Too much mucus
  3. Lack of tone in the tissues
  4. Lack of circulation
  5. Low metabolic function in the liver, cells or thyroid


Fix It
Use herbs that increase elimination and encourage better metabolic function. We talked about these before - they're called alteratives and depuratives, and they're known as blood cleansers. These herbs are usually bitter, bitters stimulate the flow of saliva which then stimulates digestion (and sometimes stimulates metabolism - watch God work). They can also drain dampness, increase circulation and improve digestive function. 


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