Drinking with Herbs: Lemon Peel Tea

This month we're talking lemon peel. Got a whole blog about it right here. In our Black/Yellow tea, we use dehydrated lemon peels - not fresh ones, but if you've got lemon peels at home,  you can easily make a lemon peel tea with those fresh peels. Here's what you need and how to do it.


1 organic lemon

Simple syrup (feel free to use our mint-basil simple syrup recipe here), or plain sugar, to taste

Lemon juice - about 1 tbsp or half a lemon, it's totally up to you

1 quart of water


  1. Thinly peel the rind from the lemon and add it to a pitcher.
  2. Add the simple syrup and water, then stir.
  3. Allow the lemon peel tea to cool, then drink.

Feel free to garnish your lemon peel "tea" with herbs or fresh fruit. You can't go wrong.

*Note: You should probably use organic lemons that have been washed very well because you're making a tea from the rind. Don't wanna eat dirt and pesticides.

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  • Posted by Dunori on

    I can imagine a few folks reading this and saying “so what’s the difference between this and lemonade”? Maybe the answer is this is a drink and lemonade is an album…

    Orange peel can be used the same way; I grew up with the parents peeling the oranges in long strands and hanging them up to dry in all parts of the kitchen; we eventually started looking at them as decorations.

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