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Herb of the Month: My girl, Rosemary

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and, while there is a lot to be studied about diabetes, the bottom line is that millions of people are suffering from a condition that can be either be prevented altogether or managed successfully. And it's all because they aren't armed with the knowledge they need to save their lives. 

Food scientists now confirm what herbalists have known for years: rosemary is a diabetes remedy, capable of treating diabetes the same way as prescription drugs. Rudolf Steiner a social reformer, so to speak, and esotericist found all this out back in the 19th century. 

Anyway, rosemary has been shown to increase the oxygenation and burning processes throughout the entire body, using up excessive blood sugar, strengthening the functions of the body, particularly the heart and brain, which support themselves on huge quantities of blood sugar. 

Read that last line again, this is not a game. Your consciousness depends on how your body functions. 

Add rosemary into your diet.

Do right by yourself. 

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