Step Ya Holistic Living Game All the Way Up with Garner’s Garden

I’ve supported several Black owned businesses and have closely watched the stories of those entrepreneurs over the past 4 years. One of the very first businesses I ever supported was Garner’s Garden. I purchased tooth powder and mouthwash from the company. I’ve got sensitive teeth and I was already spending $12 to $14 on Sensodyne and figured, if I’m spending that much on toothpaste, shouldn’t I be giving my money to a company producing a NATURAL toothpaste? My first order with Garner’s Garden went smoothly - and all the subsequent orders have, too. I even get my tooth powder and mouthwash automatically delivered to my door once a month. Easy peasy. Last month I added the company’s skincare products to my routine and it’s all I use. 

When you see me looking fly in my headshots, it’s a 3-part success: 1 part God-given (hey mama!), 1 part photography edits (thanks Christian), and 1 part Garner’s Garden. There’s a satisfaction that you get when your product ships quickly. There’s a comfort that you get when you can read every ingredient in a product that you’re using. There’s a pride you feel when the product actually works. For me, Garner’s Garden provides all of this. 

Garner’s Garden provides skin care products made from 100% natural ingredients. That’s why partnering with Garner’s Garden was an easy decision for Ivy’s Tea Co. I am familiar with the company and I know the products work from personal experience. Garner’s Garden has recently launched its new Ultimate 30 Day Flawless Skin System. The system transforms your skin to a natural glow in just 30 days, controls oily skin, eliminates dry skin, tells acne/pimples/scars/blemishes to suck it, and helps manage hyper-pigmentation. 

Holistic living isn’t just what you drink or what you eat. It’s also what you put on your skin. We’ve partnered with Garner’s Garden to provide a special offer you can take advantage of when you purchase the Garner’s Garden Ultimate 30 Day Flawless Skin System. Take it easy, transform is a process. It’s time to live like an adult. 

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