Journal from the Herbalist: The Motivation Behind Studying Herbal Medicine

I study herbal medicine because I believe that more people of color, especially younger Black people throughout the African Diaspora, need to know more of the remedies that our ancestors relied heavily upon to survive. I now live in an urban area that is not ideal for great health to be honest, but while here I saw so many Black Americans suffering from real health conditions, constantly visiting the hospital (they all wore hospital bands), drinking and smoking cigarettes. I had never seen so many people who weren’t well in my entire life. I knew that I wanted Ivy’s Tea Co. to be a staple in the community as a community tea house for artists like myself, but once I saw the community I wanted to serve, then I realized that Ivy’s Tea Co. needed to be a place of healing as well. My support for this work comes from my community of social activists. This is my most valued support system because this work is grounded in not only my own empowerment, but also that of many people who look like me.

It is my expectation that I will be able to provide natural and organic remedies to millennials through handcrafted teas. I’m excited about beginning this work and look forward to growing as an herbalist, a resource for young people who find holistic health intimidating, and as a student of nature.

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