Review: KING ME Detox

Every Ivy's Tea Co. tea and honey on the site is handcrafted by an herbalist. You can trust that everything for sale in this shop has been tried and tested multiple times.

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Our KING ME Detox was no different. We started the #ivysdetox hashtag on social media to follow all you who ordered our KING ME. I used the detox because I was feeling a little empty this holiday season and needed to replenish with some heart warming and positive vibes - the KING ME Detox was right on time. 

I noticed that the teas were working when I skipped a day (oops) and was wondering why I didn't have the energy and light that I had felt recently. I am always so grateful for detoxes because they are times of reflection for me. My favorite detox tea was King Me Detox Tea #1, which was full of dandelion root.

The most important lesson I learned during this time of reflection? Your body will always tell you what you need - you can't ignore your body. I wrote this blog just to give you the lessons that I learned during this detox:

  1. Listen to your intuition always.
  2. Reinforce positive thoughts.
  3. Do what you should but find the balance to do what you to do
  4. The right time is not necessarily now, but that doesn't mean you can't lay the groundwork to make the right time even better.

The KING ME Detox Kit is now sold out. But we'll bring a small quantity back in time for the Spring, another season of renewal and cleansing for others. Got questions about detoxing? Did you complete the detox? Let me know how you felt. Leave a comment.

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