Slowing Down With Hot Tea

It seems like over the past several years Americans have embraced the idea of “Hustle Culture” and I was not exempt from this. My life was in constant motion, always something to do, someone to meet, something to work on. I listened to podcasts that talked about how successful people have a morning and nightly routine, but my life was much too hectic for that. I was living life at one hundred miles a minute, chasing my dreams. I thought I had it under control, until I didn’t. Late nights, early mornings, over committing myself to side project after side project, stretching myself so thin that finally I crashed. Burnout. A helpful definition defines burnout as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive a prolonged stress. This has only been a medical diagnosis since May 2019.

I had to quit everything to find my sanity and I slowly began to add things back into my life. One of the things I prioritized was a morning routine. Part of routine was drinking and enjoying my hot tea. Now, I’ve always been a tea drinker. People knew me as a tea addict, but in the midst of hustle culture, I stopped enjoying the small moments by taking my tea on the go or skipping it all together. By slowing down my mornings, I was able to bring that small joy back into my life.

Every morning, I sit and enjoy a cup of tea in one of my several favorite mugs. I get to set my intentions for the day, read for a bit, or do some journaling. My tea is even better served in the mornings after a walk or some yoga. Always hot, always soothing, always welcoming. I usually opt for a black tea for its energizing properties, however sometimes a green tea or other herbal variety does the trick.  Hot tea continues to help me find peace of mind every morning. In a world where we are continuously encouraged to hustle hard, and move swiftly and abruptly, I’m thankful for my slow hot tea moments every morning.

- C. N. Sloan

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