Straight from the Herbalist: Studying Plants

I visited the herb garden at the Arboreteum in Washington, DC and my mind was blown! Who knew there were so many different types of sage. Sheesh. Luckily for me, though, I was able to find a single plant that really caught my interest. I was most taken with Milk Thistle – the most beautiful purple flower I’ve ever seen. She looks pretty bad ass, too! I saw a few Milk Thistles, some flowering and others were closed – this was actually great for me because I got to see how the closed Milk Thistle looked while in bloom and vice versa. The Milk Thistle had very sharp prickles – there were so many that I assumed the plant didn’t want to be touched (I’m a woman – I know the signs haha).

Milk Thistle comes from the Asteraceae family. Through my research, I found that many find thistles to be a troublesome and invasive weed, and Milk Thistle is in this category. Imagine my disgust. How could you possibly call something so pretty a weed?! But I digress. Through more research, I found that Milk Thistle actually detoxifies the liver.


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