Straight from the Herbalist: Digestion & Stress

Many of us are dealing with digestive disorders: gas, constipation, IBS. Luckily, I don't typically have these problems. Haha. However, I am stressed (a lot) and this greatly affects my digestion. 

The enteric nervous system, which communicates with the central nervous system, is controlled by digestion. Makes sense now, right? When I'm stressed, I feel the increase in the acid in my stomach and I know that nauseous feeling all too well. Stress can also cause diarrhea and constipation - the stress affects our colon. It's really all connected!

Having been through this time after time (you know that song, right?), I know some ways to help me aid my digestive system especially when I'm dealing with stress. Like to hear em? Here they go.

  1. Control the diet! Yep. Overeating and binging on junk food will not help you. So, limit the sugar, the fatty foods, and the alcohol. 
  2. Find the things that stress you and limit them. Sounds hard? Good - you don't want it if it's too easy (*Tupac voice).
  3. Avoid using chemicals to ease your stress. No pills, no steroids, no non-steroids or whatever the fudge they're making these days.
  4. Use relaxation therapy. It's like forcing yourself to relax by taking yourself out of the stressful situation. You can drink tea, work out, or going outside. You'll be surprised what a 15-minute tea break or short workout can do for your stress levels.
  5. Get a therapist or someone else to talk to. Cuz talking it out means a lot. Find someone who will listen to you and open yourself up to speaking to them - talking things out will make things better and build positive relationships for you. 

Did I leave something else? Lemme know what you think - how do you manage stress? Dealing with digestive issues? Consider your circumstances, especially your environment, and 

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