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  • Nip's Tea and Herbs to Honor A Legacy

    Recently we released Nip's Tea and while the ingredients were important to us, so was something else: Color.

    Nipsey Hussle is a man who had an affinity for blue, it's the color rep'd by his gang, and one I've seen him wear the most. And that's why I started the blend with Chicory Root, the root of the very beautiful blue flower Chicory. But from there, I realized I could do more and go further. Selecting herbs, not just based on their medicinal properties, but also based on color symbolism.

    Let us know what you think of our latest experiment with herbs and color.

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  • Herbal How To: Elderberry Syrup with WTF?

    Making Elderberry syrup is easy. And with our What the Flu? tea, all you have to do is add the water and the honey. Get hands on with your herbal medicine making. View Post
  • Deeper than Plants: Herbal Remedy Kit

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