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  • Deeper than Plants: Herbal Remedy Kit

    Some visiting the Ivy's Tea Co. site come here looking for tea and find more info about holistic health and herbal medicine. You might be one of those people - maybe you're asking, "When would you use herbal medicines? Which ones are most important to have at home?" This is the blog for you then,... View Post
  • Herb of the Month: Astragalus

    The star of our newest wellness tea, Purp, is Astragalus Root. Astragalus has many purposes, but the root is primarily used for medicine. It has been used mostly for the common cold, flu, and to regulate the immune system.  View Post
  • Immune Boosting Herbs & Foods

    Going to your pharmacy and buying over-the-counter medicine hurts. You have to drive, buy something that's sugary and all it really does is make you sleep...maybe. The over-the-counter medicine simply suppresses your symptoms. It's 2017 and they don't think we know that stuff doesn't work?  Let... View Post