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  • Deeper than Plants: Herbal Remedy Kit

    Some visiting the Ivy's Tea Co. site come here looking for tea and find more info about holistic health and herbal medicine. You might be one of those people - maybe you're asking, "When would you use herbal medicines? Which ones are most important to have at home?" This is the blog for you then,... View Post
  • The Hard Parts of Self Care [Part 1]

    Owner/Herbalist Shanae is starting a 5-part blog series about the hard parts of self-care. It's time to get personal...we're family.  View Post
  • 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Self

    Spring is right around the corner and we can kick things up a notch for ourselves by doing some spring cleaning on our selves...not just our homes. Cleaning renews the mind, body, and spirit. Let this be the year that break old habits and establish new ones that empower you. 

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