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  • How To: Make Hot Cocoa with Rise and Grind

    Sometimes all the hot beverages can get along. It doesn't have to be a war. We're making peace and bringing the coconut and vanilla goodness of Rise and Grind to a homemade hot chocolate recipe. This is dropping early to give you a perfect the recipe and put your own spin on it just in time for Icy Girl Winter. View Post
  • Green Bae Martini

    We're not trying to keep you drunk this summer, pinky promise. It just so happens that all of these made up national days fall in It's not our intention to keep you sauced up this summer, but it just so happens that every alcohol-infused made up holiday falls in June. Today is no different. It's actually National Martini Day. So, we whipped up this Green Bae and Herb Martini. We don't usually drink martinis (far too strong for our tea drinking palettes, but we can make an exception). View Post
  • Hot To: Rooibos & Vanilla Latte

    Rooibos is a red tea popular in Africa. It's We've been drinking this every rooibos and vanilla latte every morning for like 3 weeks now. This red tea, vanilla and rose latte is so delicious, we've started calling it Rooibaes. Give it a try and tell us if we're exaggerating. 

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