Our hashtag, our brand...it's something that came under fire in a big way. 

When I found out that another company was using my trademark and my hard work to make money, I was hurt.

I made a video about it on Instagram and I got an outpouring of support from other Black entrepreneurs who knew what it was like to have their work stolen.

Then I got mad. And when I got mad, I got inspired to do something for other Black creatives, like myself. First up, the Black Woman Trademark Fund. Second, a line of merch that will be used to promote our message and our brand. Third, use the profits from that merch to launch hashtagtraptea.com, a website with resources for Black creatives to help them combat and prevent this theft of Black intellectual property.

Support the movement. 

- Shanae, Founder of Ivy's Tea Co., Creator of #TrapTea and Trap China.

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