Morning Rituals Box - *SMALL BOX*

$ 57.99

$ 40.00

At the Ivy's Tea Co. warehouse, we just celebrated our 1 year quarantine-versary. Not sure about you, but working from home and being isolated from friends and family is starting to take a real toll. 

We've managed to find solace in our morning rituals. Morning tea, affirmations, journaling, and a little reading sets the positive tone for the day that nasty emails, screaming kids, and even irritating roommates can't shake. 

For Women's History Month, we teamed up with four other Woman owned businesses to bring you this Morning Rituals Box to help you take control of your day and get some much needed "me time." 

What's Inside:

    • I AM glass mug
    • Affirmation #TrapTea Spoon (of your choosing)
    • Affirmation cards from Affirmation is Power


    • Spoons are not dishwasher safe. wash immediately after each use, never soak or leave unwashed overnight, store in a tarnish resistant chest or cloth.
    • Tea and honey in the box will be released officially at a later date.
    • Buying this box helps us support other Woman owned businesses. *throws confetti*
    • Image of spoons is real, the "I AM ___" text is stamped in the same font but you'll get a spoon based on your selection when you purchase.