About Us

Image of four Black women holding mugs and smiling Ivy's Tea Co. is a pop culture and Hip-Hop inspired holistic health brand. We have herbal tea and herb-infused sweeteners for the culture. With Ivy's Tea Co. teas, we believe that adulting is easier when you're in your best condition - that starts with getting the nutrients your body needs to perform well. Drinking teas and other herbal infusions are easy ways to nourish your body with the regenerative minerals they need to do just that. You know tea works. We know you know because you drink it when you're in dire need - shivering, shaking, throat burning...and you expect the tea to help you. And you wanna know something? It does. So, why not make it a part of your diet and get the benefits of tea all the time? Stop drinking that regular shmegular tea. It's just crushed tea leaves peppered with pesticides and then dumped into bleached white plastic bags. Betcha thought that bag was cloth didn't you? Drink Ivy's Tea Co. teas, they’re lovingly hand-crafted, full leaf, and organic. All the time. Step your beverage game up, yo.

Drink tea like an adult.


Head shot of Ivy's Tea Co. founder Shanae JonesIvy's Tea Co. is owned and operated by first-generation herbalist and Tea Bae, Shanae. The decision to study herbalism came when she decided to learn more about living off the land and using the land for healing. She launched Ivy's Tea Co. in November 2016. Since then, the brand has transformed into the Hip-Hop inspired tea company you shop from today. Through Ivy's Tea Co., Shanae hopes to change the way you see tea drinkers and introduce more African holistic health remedies into the holistic health industry. The goal is to make the industry as inclusive and reflective and accepting of all cultures as Hip-Hop. When she is not blending teas or infusing honeys, she's probably at the nail salon - nails gotta stay fly.

 Image of Ivy's Tea Co. teas and herbal books