King Me

King Me

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Ready to glow up? Our King Me is a detox tea to help make things that much easier.  

This detox tea has Senna leaves, fennel, and ginger. The work together to get the digestive system moving and the senna is an FDA approved laxative. 

You get 14 servings of this tea. Dassit! Senna is dehydrating and we don't want you taking it every single day wearing your body out. That's not what we're about. Everyday you'll take one tablespoon of the tea, brew it with hot water and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. It's easy to flush those toxins out of your system with this tea. Watch it work. 


*Note: This tea contains Senna which is a laxative. Perfect for those of us who have trouble passing bowel movements. Personal, we know. But there's no need to be shy round here. We family!