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Sister Sister 2

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Usually these product descriptions are mad funny (don't believe us? Take a look around), but for this tea, we have to get serious. Sisters are dealing with painful cramps while on their cycle. If you're suffering with these cramps, you don't have to. Really. Drinking an infusion of nettles can help you alleviate those cramps and make it so much easier for you to go about your day without any pain. Sister Sister 2 is meant to work as an infusion. A strong tea-like beverage that has been infused with an herb (or multiple herbs) for at least 4 hours. Sister Sister 2 is a nutritive tea of nothing but nettle leaves. Nettle leaves are rich in iron and calcium, so, they are a great reproductive tonic for women (men, too). Nettle leaves also alleviate PMS symptoms (and menopause symptoms, too). Because nettle works so great for muscle cramps and spasms, we added it to the site for women who are dealing with severe menstrual cramps. 

How to brew:

Method #1: Place 2 tablespoons of nettles in a mason jar or some other glass container. Pour boiling hot water over the nettle leaves. Allow to sit for at least 4 hours (longer if you can - it's super easy to prepare this infusion overnight for the next day). Strain before drinking, enjoy throughout the next day and watch those cramps disappear. 

Method #2: Take 2 teaspoons of nettles, add them to a tea infuser or strainer. Place into a tea cup/mug and allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain or remove the infuser and enjoy. 

*Note: Most don't find the taste of nettle leaves to be unpleasant, but if you're not used to them, then that first taste might be a little jarring. No worries. Add salt (to taste), don't add sweeteners. Salt will make this palatable not sweetener. Trust us.

*Another note: You cannot use these leaves again like you would our other teas. Once you've completed an infusion, you got all you can out of these leaves; however, the leaves are loved by houseplants. So, don't trash them, dump them (gracefully of course) into your potted plants and watch great things happen!

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