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What The Flu?™

$ 20.99

Whether you get your flu shot or not, get all the Vitamin C in the world, and stay hydrated, it seems like you can always catch something these days. And things aren't getting any easier - we've gone from the regular common cold to the flu to swine flu to Ebola in like 4 years. It's insane. The flu updates more than the iPhone! One way to always make sure you don't have to deal with the flu this winter is to add Elderberries into your diet. Our immune boosting, organic loose leaf herbal tea, What the Flu? is a blend of elderberries, ginger, and turmeric that warms the body. This homemade recipe is spicy, though easily tamed when you add honey. You'll love it. The kids will love it. 

Product Details:

  • Caffeine content: None - this is an herbal tea
  • Servings of WTF? can be brewed twice, sometimes thrice.


Sweet with a slight cinnamon and ginger spice.

Pairs Well With:

  • Crime honey. For real.
  • Coworkers who refuse to take the day off.


  • Dried Elderberries
  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric


    It is oftentimes very hard to source Elderberries throughout the fall and winter seasons because it is highly used in herbal preparations to fight cold and flu. We do our best to keep this product in stock.