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The perfect addition to the summer day parties.

A fruity tea with hints of Jasmine Flower. 

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Ring the Alarm

Our Hibiscus and Ginger tea - sweet, a little sour and little bite.

This one is for the sophisticated palette. Step yo game up.

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Not Coffee

Not Coffee, a non habit forming coffee substitute. Looks, smells, and tastes like coffee but without the side effects of caffeine. We not judgin you.

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Issa trap tea party

The Lituation

It's Migos meets Alice In Wonderland. We don't need your traditional classic music at our tea party. We litty with trap music, sippin herbal tea and drippin so much sauce. You are definitely invited to the next one. 

Blog posts

Weekly Brew #31

Weekly Brew #31

New week, new playlist. We're gonna keep the mellow vibe from last week with hits from JMSN, SZAm and Elley Duhe.  
Weekly #30: Summer Vibes

Weekly #30: Summer Vibes

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How To: Ring the Alarm on ice

How To: Ring the Alarm on ice

It's raw food season over here, so we're enjoying lots of cold fruit, fresh pressed juice and iced tea. You thought we wasn't? Our newest tea, Blow...

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