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$100 Bill

Elevate your tea game with this popular smoked black tea. Say it with us, "No more regular tea."

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Take care of yourself this winter, don't get caught up with the cold or flu. 

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OG Chai

Ya know, there are actually some people who don't like chai [tea]. They've never had this one. 

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Green Light

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Goodbye Summer: 7 Teas for the Fall Season

Goodbye Summer: 7 Teas for the Fall Season

It's the first day of Fall and for many of us, it's our time to shine. We're over the hot stickiness of the summer and we're ready for pumpkin and ...
Brew #34 - The 914 Edition

Brew #34 - The 914 Edition

On September 14, two legends were born: Nas and Amy Winehouse. Today, we celebrate them both. 
Immune Boosting Herbs & Foods

Immune Boosting Herbs & Foods

Going to your pharmacy and buying over-the-counter medicine hurts. You have to drive, buy something that's sugary and all it really does is make yo...

Issa trap tea party

The Lituation

It's Migos meets Alice In Wonderland. We don't need your traditional classic music at our tea party. We litty with trap music, sippin herbal tea and drippin so much sauce. You are definitely invited to the next one.