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Weekly Brew #23




Deeper Than Plants

Issa new blog series. Wanna know what herbs our Head Herbalist in Charge keeps in her herbal medicine cabinet? Click that button below.

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Making Tinctures

Tea is the preferred method of taking herbal medicine round these parts. But every now and again, we flex our muscle and get do something new. In this blog, learn how to make your own elderberry tincture. 

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Adrenal Fatigue? Bish where?

Owner of Ivy's Tea Co. & Head Herbalist in Charge, Shanae has been fighting adrenal fatigue. A plant diet of Licorice Root actually turned things around. Click below for more info.

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Alternative Uses for Tea

You came to Ivy's Tea Co., browsed, did your research and bought some tea. Now, you at the crib with some Grade A tea.  Wanna boss up on them heauxs? Here are three ways you can do more with Ivy's Tea Co. teas.

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Supporting yourself

Teas hand crafted from organic ingredients with you in mind.